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Asbestos was banned from use in 1999, so if your property was built or refurbished before then, you should be concerned about the expensive process of removing it, as well as the obvious risks to your health. Furthermore, new regulations were introduced in 2006 that state any buildings used by the public or for business purposes, must have asbestos checks in place.

Belsize Construction offer a friendly and professional service to clients (both business and residential) who wish to stay ahead of legislation and save money in the long-run. Depending on your needs, our qualified operatives can undertake Type 1, 2 and 3 Asbestos Surveys. Or let them put your mind at ease with a basic sampling of suspected materials and accurate results provided by UKAS certified laboratories, all at competitive prices. We'll even offer free advice on how the discovery of asbestos could affect your health and your bank balance.

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